Nowadays, nobody really needs to be convinced that a business or organization needs a website. However, many websites fail to live up to their full potential.

Websites can provide much more than a place to talk about what you do. Your website can be made to handle key business functions and to offer your customers meaningful ways to interact with you.

How I can help

I can improve your user experience.

Like in any relationship, listening and empathy are essential. By studying your users’ behaviour, I can help you deliver experiences your users will love.

I can build tools to serve the way you work.

Rather than limping along with haphazard solutions, I can build tools for you that are unique to the way you work. The right tools will help you to thrive amongst your competitors.

I can bring context to your challenges.

I serve organizations in many industries. As a result, I work with a broad perspective that helps me to bring context to the problems you are looking to solve.

I'm with you from beginning to end.

Planning a large-scale website project can be daunting. But I'm here to keep it organized and easy to manage.

Your organization is unique, and your uniqueness ought to be reflected in the way you approach your customers.

My Process

The job of a website's design is to provide a tangible way for users to experience an organization's branding and content, and to invite users' action and engagement.

1. Define your objectives.

We will start with a conversation about how your organization functions and the priorities and objectives that drive your work. During this phase, I will also gather any branding materials you use, such as logos, letter head, business card designs, graphic imagery, etc. Working from a keen sense of who you are and how you present yourself to the world will aid us greatly in determining the shape of your content, audience, and the resulting design.

2. Prepare your written content and primary imagery.

At this stage, I will help you prepare your content to perform well on the web. Since people tend to skim instead of read deeply, we will employ a number of simple techniques to make your content engaging for impatient or distracted skimmers.

3. Prepare your content to perform well in searches.

We will perform some search engine research to find common terms that will help people to find you. By discovering the types of search terms and vocabulary people use when looking for work or help in your industry. By working them into your pages' content and "meta data", we will be able to direct more people to your pages.

4. Devise an intuitive structure for your content.

We will create an intuitive structure for your website to make your information easy to find for your users. This isn't merely a question of logic, but rather of aligning your content with your audience's mental models. Website navigation for larger organizations often fall into mirroring the organization's internal structure. But this can result in complex and confusing navigation. I will work with you to devise a information structure that centers on user questions

5. Create a design prototype.

We will take all that we have learned in all previous stages and will create an improved design for your website that will deliver an outstanding experience for your users. A "kind design" is one which provides visual instruction and reassurance every step of the way, so that a user feels in control throughout the experience.

6. Build the website.

Once the design is tested and ready to implement, we will build the coded templates that will run your website. The website is built in a location where you can watch it take shape, and where we can perform further testing to make sure the resulting digital service meets your objectives and provides a good experience for your users.

7. Post-launch testing.

Finally, if desired, we will conduct some post-launch rounds of SEO research and user testing to establish initial performance benchmarks to gauge the website's success down the road.

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