Bread of Life Lutheran Church is a vibrant, progressive, and influential church in Regina, Saskatchewan. Their worship services are streamed live to nearly 1,000 people on a weekly basis. Bread of Life needed a website that could function as a welcoming front door, and a channel for communicating their mission. Bread of Life's pastoral team is hungry to master modern technological communication avenues, wishing to meet people wherever they are at. They came to us looking for advice, and for someone to guide them through their digital adaptation.

Simplicity was a high priority for us. We didn't want the busy admin staff to have to sort through dozens of options to tell the system what to do. We wanted the system to handle the website's content intelligently. For instance, we enabled the website to detect whether a video link is from Facebook Live or YouTube, and to sort out all the embedding details automatically so that a user needs only to paste in a video link.

With the new website up and running, we'll also be helping Bread of Life to engage their live-streaming parishioners with a Twitter wall to be able to respond in real time during worship services. We'll help them take on Square payments as a hospitality measure to allow worshippers to contribute their offerings electronically. (Because who carries cash anymore?!) And we'll be assisting them to make the most of their social media efforts.

It's been a joy to work with this church, and we look forward to what's looking to be a long-term relationship!

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